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[MONO] Frequently Asked Questions - Prices 1 and 3 and 4

What is Mono?

Mono is a modern, powerful and lightweight HTML5 template which has been built with Bootstrap 4 Front-End Framework.

Why should i choose Mono?

Mono is made by professionals and has everything you need to build any kind of modern beautiful website.

How well organized is it?

Every single file is highly organized and documented in order to make it easy to use.

Why is it so lightweight?

Mono is written in a best and simplest way and it has just a few useful plugins to make it lightweight and high performance.

Is it frequently updated?

We're always looking for ways to improve and expand the template. And so it's getting better and bigger everyday.

Is it a Wordpress theme?

No it's not a wordpress theme. It's a HTML5 template which means it hasn't been converted to any CMS.